Flame, Scott Draves

You can get the program from

The genetic engine inside Kandid can be used as a front end to evolve flame images. Flame acts, behind the scene, as an compiler reading parameter files, generated by Kandid, producing images. It is not necessary to edit the parameter files by hand nor starting flam3-render manually. From the users view there is no distinction between the build in and the external calculations.

The integration of flam3-render (version 2.2) and Kandid (version 1.0.0) is developed and tested under Linux (kernel version 2.4.21) using Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (version 1.4.2). It is possible to run the programs on Windows. Some test where made with Windows ME.

The Linux version is available as a source tarball. flam3-2.2.tar.gz Windows binaries are available as a zip file.

On Linux you had to configure, build, and install the program:

    sudo make install

On Windows you must place flam3-render.exe in an folder listed in the PATH environment or in the same folder with kandid.bat.

Please read Scott Draves README.txt.

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