Persistence of Vision

You can get the program from

The genetic engine inside Kandid can be used as a front end to evolve layered textures for the Persistence of Vision ray tracer. Persistence of Vision acts, behind the scene, as an compiler reading a POV-ray SDL (Scene Description Language), generated by Kandid, producing images. It is not necessary to edit the parameter files by hand nor starting povray manually. From the users view there is no distinction between the build in and the external calculations.

The integration of POV-ray (version 3.5) and Kandid (version 0.3.1) is developed under Linux (kernel version 2.4.21) using Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (version 1.4.2). It is possible to run the programs on Windows. Some test where made with Windows ME.

The Linux version of POV-ray is part of your Linux distribution. If it is yet not installed you can add POV-ray with the installation program coming with your distribution. For example if you have SuSE you can install POV-ray with YaST.

On Windows the things are a little bit more complicated. In the official POV-ray release for Windows the ray tracer is integrated in a little development environment. But Kandid needs the command line Version of POV-ray and nothing more. Fortunately there is an unofficial command line version of POV-ray from Christoph Hormann. Windows users should download this version from After unpacking the binaries you must add location of povray.exe to your PATH variable. Otherwise Kandid is not able to find the ray tracer.

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